Let's clear all the clutter!

In this course, we will look at the three areas of clutter in your life:

  • Mental

    Discover the mental clutter you are facing daily that you may not realize is there and how to de-clutter it on a daily basis.

  • Emotional

    Understand the emotional nature of clutter in your life and how to begin to face it without fear or avoidance.

  • Physical

    Recognize what purpose physical clutter serves in your life and how to let it go so that you feel your habits changing.

It's time to break free of the clutter in our lives that keeps us from living our life to the fullest.

I grew up in a family of women who kept everything. I didn't understand why back then, but now I do. The struggle is real, and our outward clutter can be a sign of the mental and emotional clutter we are experiencing everyday. By facing the mental, emotional, and physical clutter in our lives and understanding the connection between all three, we can begin to face the realities of the impact of clutter on us and how to begin to let it go. Breaking free of the cluttered life isn't just an idea...it can become your reality.
I'm ready to break free

This is not just a course...

It's a guide and support to creating lasting change in your life.

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  • Private Facebook group so you can ask questions and get support from a licensed counselor and fellow students

  • Podcast style audio clips to listen to anywhere you want

  • Worksheets giving you action steps along the way

Sneak peek

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  • 2
    • Welcome
    • Short intro survey
    • Next steps
  • 3
    Clutter: Understanding the Ins and Outs
    • Clutter is like rabbits
    • Messy vs Cluttered
    • Clutter: a love/hate relationship
    • Tao Te Ching Chapter 11
  • 4
    Clutter: What's Your Attachment?
    • My cluttering style
    • The Russian Nesting Doll Clutterer
    • The Dreamer Clutterer
    • The Mirror Clutterer
    • The Keeping Up with the Joneses Clutterer
    • The Warm Blanket Clutterer
    • The Penny Pincher Clutterer
    • The Super Size It Clutterer
  • 5
    Clutter: The Ball & Chain
    • What is cluttering my life?
    • Your Relationships and Clutter
    • The Relationship Circle
    • My Relationship Circle
    • Self-esteem and clutter
  • 6
    Clutter: It's Time to Break Free
    • Visualize the end goal
    • Mental decluttering
    • Talking Circle Exercise
    • Mental Clutter Action Plan
    • Wheel of emotions
    • Wheel of Emotions
    • Emotional decluttering
    • Emotional Clutter Action Plan
    • Bridge Exercise
    • Improve your cluttering style
    • Physical decluttering
    • Physical Clutter Action Plan
    • Tidying up each day
    • Extra tips
  • Katie Rössler, LPC, NCC

    Katie Rössler, LPC, NCC

    Katie Rössler has 10 years of experience as a licensed counselor working with couples and individuals to improve how they live their lives. She currently works in Munich, Germany as a couples therapist helping couples from different cultures grow stronger in their relationships. Katie is a writer and speaker and has a passion for helping relationships thrive. As a wife and mom to two toddler girls, Katie knows that creating new, healthy habits can be a challenge but are crucial to having a succesful life and positive connections.

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Let's live life...

rather than feel like it's living us. Break free from the cluttered life and enjoy what matters most to you!

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